What is Bullettime?


Remember that one scene in the matrix? yeah, exactly that… but so much more.

Bullettime basically describes an action or movement getting frozen in time. An array of cameras, all focused on one subject, get triggered at the same time to create an amazing perspective of your performance, you wouldn’t be able to see otherwise. The images taken are then automatically stitched together into a clip you can share with your friends.

But it’s not only timefreezing, but creating a movement in slowmotion where the camera “moves” at normal speed. So if you’re the chosen one, trying to avoid bullets… this is for you.


why do you need our bullettimebooth at your event?

We will take care of everything to provide an easy setup at your location. Your guests will then be able to get the bullettime clip sent to them for sharing it online and with friends.


our bullettime-rig in the studio

If you have something special in mind, we will help you realise your ideas for film, web, or commercials in whatever format you need. An .mp4 or just the RAW-files, we got you covered.

magenta bullet.jpg

we are cinemagraph



A Cinemagraph is a still picture with moving elements. Check out the video:

flieder cinemagraph.jpg

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